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Catworks personnel comprise many years of experience in the construction industry, including management staff that possess formal education in Construction Engineering and Management. Catworks possesses the requisite skills that make for successful projects, delivered on time and on budget. CWC specializes in cost estimating, budget forecasting, scheduling, personnel management, and all other related construction project management duties.

Contractor Performance Assessment Report

In July 2016 Catworks completed the Spirit Lake Outlet Tunnel 2015 Interim Repair. CWC acted as the Prime Contractor, coordinating the work through subs. This was a unique and challenging project from a technical and logistical standpoint. The following is an excerpt from our Performance Review from that project.

Overall the Contractor’s management was very good. The Prime Contractor (CWC) management integrated and coordinated activity needed to execute the contract. A major subcontractor (LRL) performed almost all the tunnel work, and the Prime contractor’s management coordinated with LRL as well as other subcontractors and service providers including a Corps-validated testing laboratory, a state licensed surveyor, a tunnel radio installer, a site safety subcontractor and a rescue team subcontractor. Although at times there were communication issues between CWC [a subcontractor], these were handled by CWC without problems for the Government and did not interfere with the timely completion of the project.

The Contractor was very oriented toward working with the customers including the USACE and US Forest Service. Interaction between the Contractor and the Government very good. The Contractor’s accounting, billing, and estimating systems were very good.

The Contractor set up subcontract and service providers in a timely fashion so that they could start work as soon as NTP was received. The Contractor’s on-site management efficiently planned, scheduled and managed the on-site work.
REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: The Contractor’s overall regulatory compliance was very good. They complied with all terms and conditions in the contract relating to applicable regulations and codes, including: environmental, safety, and labor. In particular, the Contractor submitted certified payrolls in a timely manner.

Safety was considered a very important issue for the tunnel work, especially since the work in the tunnel included exposing and digging into unsupported rock. The Contractor complied with contract clause requirements for safety, including maintaining a 5-person rescue crew on standby at the site and having a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) onsite to monitor air quality and perform safety inspections in the tunnel. No recordable or reportable injuries or accidents occurred on the site.

Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order’s most significant
requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.

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