Facilities Maintenance

The Catworks facilities maintenance division draws on the extensive experience from within the program itself, as well as from the larger company as a whole. By recognizing each project’s unique set of circumstances and requirements and selecting the right mix of construction staff and resources accordingly, CWC is always able to create the best opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations on every project.

When it comes to facilities maintenance services, there are often multiple concurrent task orders issued per project. In order to provide coverage while also providing our high standards of service on each and every task order, CWC relies on the extensive management experience of their core team, comprising some of Catworks best personnel. CWC is also continuously on the lookout for highly qualified people to add to our staff to ensure enough flexibility to successfully manage multiple projects from initial project scoping through construction and final project closeout.

Performing Work in Occupied Facilities

Performing work in occupied facilities and in facilities that operate 24 hours a day creates unique and interesting challenges that must be overcome for the safety of the construction staff, facility staff, and facility customers. Planning for the work to occur by both the facility and the contractor is necessary to anticipate any potential conflicts or issues. CWC has proven very effective at scheduling the work to occur during off-hours or slack periods. Additionally, CWC sees good housekeeping practices and tight organization of the project area including the use of barriers (visual, sound, vapor, as needed), as critical to project success. Often, facility staff and customers are not used to typical construction, renovation and repair sounds, smells and conditions; therefore, particular diligence in this regard has been found to mitigate or eliminate many perceived issues.

Each project is unique and CWC prides ourselves on our ability to adapt and complete our work in a manner that any interruption to the facility is as minimal as possible. Our successful experience working in occupied facilities provides us uncommon expertise, particularly in accommodating operations. This has held true during abatement work in areas where post office mail processing occurs around the clock, as well as when removing and replacing complete areas of concrete loading docks at central mail processing facilities. CWC has even provided remodeling of executive office space and customer lobbies while these areas have been in use by both employees and the public.

Our experience allows us to always get the work done while keeping operations from being affected adversely.

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