Chosen for Value, What Does It Mean?

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Value – The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Chosen – Having been selected as the best or most appropriate.

Over the past 12 years of our company’s growth, we have formed many relationships. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are simply an association borne of a low-price project, and other times they are the result of an owner who seeks value in their relationships. As with all relationships, the ones with the most value are the most rewarding to those involved.

This idea is not just limited to our customers, it is intrinsic to every relationship we maintain, from personal to professional, we employ many different partners in our team. Our partners can vary from our employees, to suppliers, to subs, and even to the tools we use to produce our projects. CWC’s employees are absolutely “chosen for value”. Each one possesses some special and unique addition of value. Some are highly skilled at operating machines, others may have a keen sense for details, and still others have an incredible talent at dealing with people. Putting these valuable traits to use, I am then able to do my best to form partnerships with our customers.

Whether we are working on an environmental remediation project with our heavy equipment, or replacing an HVAC unit on a facility we maintain, or one of our many trucks running up and down the highways hauling materials, we are utilizing all of our partners to provide the highest value product for our customers. Utilizing all of our assets we produce solutions for our customers that are more than just about the specific project, we intentionally nourish the lasting relationships that are formed.

The net result of this philosophy is this: CWC is often asked to come to a project because of the value we provide our customers, rather than just on the price. Our customers choose us because we come to them with solutions to their most complex problems. We dedicate our resources to them and show them our commitment, by humbly taking on even the most challenging tasks with an open mind and a clear vision of how to help them achieve their goals. Every person involved plays a deliberate part in this partnership. We like to remind our people that all our efforts are valuable, and key to our continued success. When our people see and bring out the best value in one another, it propels the entire organization upwards, and results in our continuing to be “Chosen for Value”!

Mike Nieto

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